I do not know you
And yet I know you
Between silent nods and deep grunts
That echo the stories of hope that brought you to this land
Between patient stairs and angry clicks of your tongue
Were warnings of dreams lost and new ones found

I do not know you
And yet I know you
You had so much to say
With so few ways to say it
Between joyous stairs and fearful clicks of my tongue
Endless possibilities of a future I never could conceive
As you could never conceive
As your father could never conceive

I do not know you
And yet I know you
With every smile my son smiles
With every smile I smiled
Are generations of fathers that whispered a past
Of heroes and generals and liars and thieves
They carry your name
They carry your stories
In my name
In your name
In your father's name
For all the fathers before him
And for all the fathers after

I do now know you
And yet I know you
As you laid on that hospital bed
Knowing you needed a son
And yet
Knowing you needed to let him go
Because my dreams
Were your dreams
So when you needed me to stay
You said

I do not know you
and yet I know you
You do not say all the words
And yet you say them
I love you
Happy father's day