For the time,
You left your homeland,
your family,
your friends behind to find a better future for your children.

For the time,
You had to make due with no money for the week for food

cause I wanted a picture of me in a boat.

For the time,
You took us to McDonald's with your head held high

cause Denny's wouldn't serve "our kind".

For the time,
You made excuses for a spoiled kid

who didn't feel like hanging out with your brother/my uncle
who was visiting all the way from Korea.

For the time,
You welcomed a bus load of my friends

and fed them a Korean banquet worthy of kings,
even though you really couldn't afford it.

For all the times,
you never told me,

never showed me we couldn't afford it.

For all the times,
I never went hungry for food,

or love,
or support.

For all the times,
You let me dream dreams that would never make sense

to a person who survived a war.

For every bandaged cut,

for every job you worked,
for every hope you bottled inside,
for ever dream you stopped dreaming...

You were not the perfect mom,
and I am not the perfect son.
You did the best that you could,
every moment of every day.
And though it took me years to fully understand your sacrifices,
I finally do.

For all those times and more...
I love you mom.

Happy Mother's Day.
-Chil Kong